In a Gentle Breeze
A Haiga Folding Book (orihon)


Thirty-one ink drawings by Beate Conrad
with twenty-four haiku by Horst Ludwig

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The Artists


"Haiku Ballad"
"In A Gentle Breeze" is the theme of thirty ink drawings by Beate Conrad set to a haiku-series by Horst Ludwig.  The recently released collection is presented as a folding book (orihon), which has been especially developed for this occasion.  It contains twenty-four realistic black and white depictions of (cultural) landscapes and scenes of daily life, each with a haiku as western adaptation to Japanese haiga.  In addition, seven colored ink drawings inspired by the same theme are included in this folded-paper series.

The charm of this collection lies in the simple, yet delicate handwriting-style by the haiku author, which is not only incorporated as a graphical element into each drawing, but is precisely reflected in the artist's drawing style as well.  Beate Conrad's ink drawings blend fine lines and subdued color in order to rather suggesting than fully expressing the subject matter.  By connecting the spirit and insight of both artistic expressions in this unique way, it enables the viewer to blend the actually seen with his experiences and memories into a reality before his inner eye.  This of course also corresponds with the literary flavor of the haiku-series.  Moreover, the  general style reflects the Japanese aesthetics of the haiku- and haiga genre.  For all drawings use the traditional concept of space-consciousness (the empty space or yohaku) combining and balancing all graphic elements in harmony.  Thus the viewer's visual overall experience completes poetry, handwriting, and painting in one harmonious unit, the haiga.

At a time of expressive-minimalistic free verse, Horst Ludwig's  haiku are provocative in realistic yet plain and understating style.  His poems offer everything to be expected of literary art:  Beauty of form and sound, originality of expression, objectivity and subjectivity, depth of meaning, and complexity.  As haiku — and that is something special  — they are well-wrought under the influence of great Western literature.  These short poems, which are condensed to the utmost, show the author's great talent to create the illusion of an eternal present.  As poems in and out of time they point far beyond the represented present moment.  Even after many readings the haiku still surprise with new aspects.  And the rich imagery and prosody certainly evoke in the reader immediate sensation and emotion of great intensity and depth.

An accompanying essay gives some background information about the haiga folding book and the art in haikai style.

Copyright: Texts, Music, sampling, voices, all images, photographs, editing, and layout by Beate Conrad.  All Haiku by Horst Ludwig.  All rights reserved. All commercial use is strictly prohibited.