Call of the Angel / Ruf der Engel

IntroStadt der EngelEngelmacherTagesanbruchBonaventureBei Sonnenaufgang

Audio Album:
Symphonic Sound-Paintings for Seven Haiku
by Beate Conrad

1.  Intro  0:50.00

2.  In Brighter Moonlight  1:02.62
3.  Daybreak  3:08.24
4.  Under Tolling Bells 0:53.16
5.  City of Angels  5:04.46
6.  On Christmas Evening  0:42.58
7.  City of Angels, Reprise  5:35.56
8.  Visiting the King's Tomb  3:01.26
9.  Fresh Air  4:34.72
10.  Dream of Ninive  2:02.20
11.  The Sun at Daybreak  2:22.18
12.  Call of the Angels  7:56.56
13.  Ah, Bonaventure!  2:59.00
14.  Intro, Reprise  0:50.00

Additional Material:All audio files are in mp3/128kbits/s, feel free to listen and download.

The Angel-Booklet with German text and with photographs is available as PDF. You find a translation of haiku into English as PDF.

During several visits of the famous Bonaventure-Cemetary in close proximity to Savannah, GA, USA first haiku and the idea for the audio album formed.  The visits are also documented by Beate Conrad as a series of photographs, you can find here.

Copyright:Music-arrangements, sampling, voices, haiku, photographs, editing and layout by Beate Conrad.  All rights reserved and all commercial use is prohibited.